Iklan ini

Saturday, July 3, 2010

i bosan,jd i buat ini.

First name:

Name you wish you had:
>>ai bsyukur dgn nama yg ccukup cantik n indah itu.

What do people normally refer to you:


>>august 31 (bg adiahhh kt ai,okey)

>>Hospital Sarikei

Time of birth:
>>pagi (menurut dapatan kajian drpd mummy ai)

Single or taken:

>>oredy taken by............


My appearance:

>>tgk sndr laa..

How tall are you:

Eye color :

Current hair color:
>>majornya itam,minor ada sikit2 perang.ai gatal p kalerrr last year!!

Short or long hair:

>>in the midle.

Do you wear make up:
>>op coz.ekot keadaan n mood ai jugak.

Shy or outgoing:
>>duak2 ada......ahhahahahaha

Sexy or cute:

>>adoiiii...pkey sndirik la.

Flowers or chocolates:
>>flowerss..tp musttt sunflowers,okey.

Pepsi or coke:

Sunny or rainy days:
>>rainy day! rainy day!bisa tdo dgn nyaman.

Friends or family:

>>family first. but i love both.


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