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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Entri Menggedik

asalamualaikum u olss...
halo halo..
cik lisa in da houseeeeeeee..
"apa di atas,apa di atas"
ahaha..gai sungguh ayat saya itu.

ekceli,rite now ai still bengang with some1 today.
huhh,kinda stupid prob!!
i hateee dis!!
no no,not u my dear readers, but some1 close to me laaa..
no need to share here who is dat person lorr..
ok,beter i forget dat prob for a while...
later,i come again to u!!
(my english sound bad,rite??)

so,how's ur weekn?
mine...yesterdey i attend my niece's wedding.
woww...my niece oredy married!!how bout her aunty??ahaha
still waiting for her prince charming!!
here, i wanna share those pics i took yesterday but unfortunately, my laptopp was under construction rite now.now,i use da old 1.i can't transfer the pics in this lappy lorr...quite bad!!
talk about my niece's wedding,very interesting coz it was so traditional concept.
with da "bermukun" n some pipel "betandak" :))
i like it very much.
her hubby is sabahan.
org sabah bah itu.tinggi-tinggi gunung kinabalu bah....

okla,got to go now.
thnx for reading this quite "gedik-menggedik" entry.
saja menggedik nk taip entry in english.
sorry lor if sapa2 yg teror english tu baca entri ini.
my english kinda bad!!huhuhuh...
my grammar byk lobang sana-sini.
but do i care??
ini bkn essay english utk SPM.
ini blog picisan.
ruangan utk berkarya ntah apa2..


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